A Star Called VegaFina

VegaFina has chosen Madrid, Spain, to start with the celebration of its 25th anniversary. And the plan is to do it with a double presentation: one down to the earth, with a brand new limited edition cigar, and one on the top of the sky: a star.

VegaFina has started in Madrid, Spain, the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of its first release. And they has done it along with those who were first in welcome the new brand with open arms: the retailers. Javier Rodríguez Lera, Tabacalera’s premium brands sales manager, wanted in a brief speech to thank the professionals for their contribution to a path that has led the brand, from its first destination, which was Spain, to become the best-selling premium cigar on the local market and present in more than fifty international markets more.

The celebration has been sealed with a double presentation. One at ground level, with a new limited edition cigar, and one in style, on top of the sky: a new star in the firmament that, from now on, is called VegaFina. Tabacalera has used the Online Star Register to baptize a star with the name of the cigar. VegaFina, the star, is located in the constellation of Serpens, near Virgo and Hércules, and can be visited through the website https://stars.osr.org/HDY461524. You can even send messages, photos, videos …

In addition to the star called VegaFina, Tabacalera presented the new limited edition of the brand, which commemorates its first quarter of a century. The new VegaFina 1998 25th Anniversary Cum Laude is a 165 mm x 52 format with the same blend as the 1998 regular line, but with a point more of intensity and complexity. The wrapper is Ecuadorian, the binder Indonesian and the filler leaves Dominican, Nicaraguan and Colombian. The tobacco will be sold in 25-count boxes at a price that, depending on the country, will be around 14.00 euros.

The event in Madrid was held at the Palacio de los Duques hotel in the center of the city, assigned as the premiere of the new specialized tobacco, which can be tasted by fifty tobacconists from central area of Spain, the entire Tabacalera management team and the specialized press. This same stellar presentation event will be repeated in five other cities in the country.

Javier Blanco Urgoiti ist ein spanischer Journalist, der für die Prozesse rund um den Tabak schwärmt, die vor der Fertigung in der Zigarrenfabrik stattfinden, insbesondere für die Geheimnisse des Tabakanbaus. Ein Bereich, in dem er unermüdlich versucht, sich weiterzubilden. Javier raucht und schreibt seit 1998, zunächst für die spanischen Magazine “La boutique del fumador” und “La cava de cigarros”, später als Pressechef bei La Aurora, der ältesten Tabakfabrik der Dominikanischen Republik und nun für Cigar Journal, als Korrespondent in Spanien.


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