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Davidoff Travel Humidor

Davidoff’s New Travel Humidor Ships Now

The new Davidoff Travel Humidor is now ready to ship to customers in the USA. The Made-In-Italy light weight humidor was designed by Italian entrepreneur Marcello Bottino based in Genoa, Italy, and utilizes materials such as leather, canvas and wool crafted with a textile welding technique for seamless design.

The travel case is capable of storing up to eight cigars safely in a wave-design cigar bed and closes tight through magnets, keeping the humidity in. It also features two pockets for storing cigar accessories as well as space for a disposable humidification system.

Davidoff Travel Humidor

Material: Varies
Design Options: Business (Leather & Wool / Black & Grey), Outdoor (Leather & Canvas / Brown & Cream), Explorer (Alcantara & Denim / Blue)
Measurements: Height 11.8, Length 12.2, Width 1.6
Price: USD 279.00 (Explorer), USD 299.00 (Outdoor, Business)

Davidoff Travel Humidor Cigar Bed

Photo: Davidoff of Geneva USA


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