Davidoff is releasing limited humidor collection

Davidoff Cigars is delighted to announce its collaboration with British pop art artist Boyarde Messenger.

The global brand for premium cigars and accessories launches an ultra-limited Masterpiece humidor collection of its Dome humidor, with each of the five available pieces displaying an exceptional artwork by Boyarde. Furthermore, all humidors come with specially crafted cigars, which are unique to each piece.

Carrying on the brand’s approach of collaborations with artists who apply their craft to Davidoff’s sophisticated humidors, the Davidoff & Boyarde Masterpiece Humidor Collection is a novelty for both brands: Each sought inspiration in the other’s art form, which they incorporated in their own craft.

“Boyarde’s unconventional pop art paintings on our humidors vary widely from the style we pursued with collaborations with other artists in the past”, says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “It was a joy to see how Boyarde’s art and our cigars came together in each of these five humidors. Our craftsmanship and our blends underpinned and elevated Boyarde’s paintings and vice versa. In a day and age where luxury is more widely accessible, these five individual pieces are the ultimate expression of uniqueness and will be highly sought-after by those appreciating this level of exclusivity.”

Boyarde Art House
Boyarde Messenger, the founder of Boyarde Art House, has been hand-painting on unusual canvases for over 15 years. The objects into which Boyarde breathes new life with her paintings range from luxury bags to shoes and clothes. Today, Boyarde Art House has solidified its reputation as one of the leading brands for one-of-a-kind art worldwide. At the centre of Boyarde’s work stands quality, creativity and craftsmanship. The process of hand-painting the five Dome humidors for Davidoff was elaborate: Boyarde invested 5 months in the painting of each humidor, which required the appliance of up to 40 layers of paint and the usage of 40 different brushes with nibs as small as one third of a millimetre.

Davidoff & Boyarde Masterpiece Humidor Collection

Classically Noir
Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, this humidor reflects the protagonists’ familiar struggles between life and love. The vintage style “poster” design displays the storytelling around the power play, while the cigars created for the humidor underpin this mature character: The well-aged toro cigars were blended and rolled seven years ago and treat aficionados to a taste experience with notes of roasted nuts, citrus and pepper.

This humidor exudes elegance and refinement by the sheer clean lines and simplicity of the design, playing on nature’s elements in the most graphic form. The toro cigars presented in the humidor, which aged for seven years, convey that same instant pleasure and allow the aficionado to indulge in notes of spice, leather and black coffee.

Geometrically Speaking
While the geometrics on this humidor create a confident, clean backdrop, they also offer a pleasant dichotomy against the floating objects symbolising the elegance, refinement and relaxation associated with the classic gentleman. The exclusive toro cigars, which were aged for ten whole years, emphasise these characteristics with their complex and robust flavours of spice, leather and oak wood.

Inspired by Boyarde’s time in Belize and the never-ending twists and turns in the heart of the jungle, this humidor displays the artist’s signature-painted leopard in all its stealth and grace. The humidor’s cigars reflect the dynamic design in their taste experience: continuously changing flavours of liquorice, cream and cacao entertain the palate. Having aged for ten years, the exclusive toros match the fine artwork on the humidor perfectly.

The Direct Gaze
This humidor juxtaposes the traditional notion of masculine and feminine: masculine lines of geometrics and bold shapes, which are combined with a female subject holding a direct gaze at the spectator. The cigars created for the humidor, blended and rolled nine years ago and aged ever since, offer a unique taste experience exclusive to those in possession of this humidor: The perfectos create floral notes and aromas of dark chocolate and cedar wood.

Launch & availability
The five Davidoff & Boyarde Masterpiece humidors will be available from 7 September 2023 as follows (one humidor per store):
Classically Noir | Monaco
Elementary | Istanbul
Geometrically Speaking | Brussels
Instinctively | Hong Kong
The Direct Gaze | New York City


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