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CSWC 2020


The Cigar Smoking World Championship is entering its 11th year. The official cigar for the competition is now the Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking World Championship Mareva, which has been launched during the Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas in January. Some changes have been made to the 2020 qualifier tournaments. Due to the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus, all tournaments in the Asia-Pacific region have been cancelled. Here you can find the updated list of qualifier tournaments.



  1. Riga/Latvia, February 29|Atverts Restaurant/Riga Cigar Club
  2. Skopje/Macedonia, March 7| Chateau Sopot/Cigar Club Skopje
  3. Naples/FL/USA, March 12|www.burnbyrockypatel.com/naples
  4. San Antonio/TX/USA, March 13|www.finckcigar.com
  5. Dallas/TX/USA, March 14 |www.renegadecigars.com
  6. Anthem/AZ/USA, March 18|Havana Cigar Bar
  7. Fresno/CA/USA, March 20|www.cigarslimited.com
  8. Escondido/CA/USA, March 21|www.lordpuffercigars.com
  9. Paris/France, April 1|location coming soon
  10. Munich/Germany, April 2|location coming soon
  11. Düsseldorf/Germany, April 3|www.cigarworld.de
  12. Petersburg/Russia, April 11|location coming soon
  13. Oslo/Norway, April 15|location coming soon
  14. Bratislava/Slovakia, April 20|location coming soon
  15. Schladming/Austria, April 24-26|www.facebook.com/cswcaustria
  16. Makarska/Croatia, May 1|location coming soon
  17. Mexico City, May 5|location coming soon
  18. Norridge/IL/USA, May 6|Rocky Patel Cigar Lounge
  19. Highlands Ranch/CO/USA, May 7|Smoking Cave Cigar Lounge
  20. Nashville/TN/USA, May 8|www.guncluboftennessee.com
  21. Kansas City/MO/USA, May 13|www.diebelsg.com
  22. Omaha/NE/USA, May 14|www.safaricigarsandlounge.com
  23. Minneapolis/MN/USA, May 15|www.tobaccogrove.com
  24. West Palm Beach/FL/USA, May 16|Smoke Inn
  25. Cordoba or Valencia/Spain, May 17|location coming soon
  26. Luxembourg, May 27|location coming soon
  27. Amsterdam/Netherlands, May 29|location coming soon
  28. Copenhagen/Denmark, May 31|www.bigsmoke.dk
  29. London/United Kingdom, June 4|location coming soon
  30. Rome/Italy, June 6|location coming soon
  31. Bucharest/Romania, June 8-9|location coming soon
  32. Warsaw/Poland, June 11|location coming soon
  33. Tallinn/Estonia, June 13|location coming soon
  34. Antwerp/Belgium, June 19-20|location coming soon
  35. Lebanon, June date|location coming soon
  36. UAE, June date|location coming soon
  37. Qatar, June date|location coming soon
  38. Azerbaijan, June date|location coming soon
  39. Odessa/Ukraine, July date|location coming soon
  40. Zurich/Switzerland, July 4|www.big-alpine-smoke.com
  41. Pittsburgh/PA/USA, July 17|www.burnbyrockypatel.com/pittsburgh-1


Cancelled Events:

Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

The Grand Finale of the Cigar Smoking World Championship will take place in Split/Croatia from August 28 – August 30, 2020


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