Condega Mareva

Condega Serie F Unveils A New Look In All Its Boxes

Condega Cigars has just launched a new design specially designed for boxes containing the Serie F. The main purpose of this new change is to provide the complete line, in all its vitolas, with a fresh and cool look.

In the new design concept, Condega’s boxes display the brand’s logo in a larger size than usual. The boxes are made with Spanish cedar wood, in black serigraphy and with a touch of transparent varnish in a caramel tone. Only the Condega Maduro cigar box is different: presented in black with a golden impression of the brand and the rest of the information alluding to the cigar it contains.

This new community of enthusiasts will feel identified with the image presented by Condega’s new box design, as well as with the new Arsenio Edición Especial secondary band that now claims «Edición Especial», but the cigar maintains the same blend as the previous «Edición Limitada». The only change for Condega Arsenio is that now it comes with a more elegant band, dressed in black and gold and with the text «Edición Limitada», that from now on will remain in Condega’s catalogue forever, and not temporarily as is usually the case with limited editions. Although the image is updated, the blend maintains its consistency in flavor and aroma.


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