Condega Cigars First Shipping to Lebanon

The first shipment of Condega Cigars is landing in Lebanon to meet requests of the passionados that were looking forward to welcoming the premium cigars brand. Condega Serie F Titan, Mini Titan, Maduro, Arsenio & Magnum, as well as Condega Serie S Half Corona will be the first lines and vitolas available in the country.
This time it will be Condega Cigars and N.H.S. International joining forces to supply the Lebanese cigar lovers with Condega Cigars. N.H.S is a leading company in the Lebanese market, being an exclusive agent to world-renown brands targeting the cigar enthusiasts. This cigar business, managed by Francois Sarkis, started in 1990 focusing on the premium cigar brands from New World countries that offer the best of the tobacco leaf in terms of quality and pricing.

Francois Sarkis, Product Manager at NHS, happy to begin the partnership with Condega Cigars

«A few years ago, we were introduced to Ramon Zapata and to his son, Aitor Zapata, who showed us all the characteristics and good things that Condega Cigars brand could offer to our consumers. And we saw it clearly: the international feedback and success of the brand pushed our interest along with our admiration of the quality of the cigar», says Sarkis.
All their sales are offline, face-to-face with the best Lebanese tobacconists that are in charge of specialized cigar shop and lounges, as well as with more than one hundred convenience shops that can already sell cigars. N.H.S works closely with these common rooms that aims to provide a relaxed atmosphere and offer a range of premium cigars for those who are not satisfied with what they know but are always open to new experiences and flavors and looking for what enriches their experience and deepen their knowledge of luxury cigars.


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