Condega Available in Poland

Condega Cigars is off to stores in Poland. The company has entered into a partnership with Cigar Koneser, a cigar importer and distributor in Poland.
The new arrivals for the Polish markets are: Condega Serie F Arsenio & Lancero; Condega Serie S Robusto, Half Corona, and the recently launched Masaya, a limited edition.

Under the slogan «Rozpal emocje» (Ignite the emotions), Cigar Koneser is a new business concept for the premium cigar in Poland, based on providing the best customised service, a one- to-one relationship with passionados, where value matters more than volumen: quality is over quantity.
His leader and chief, Wojciech Jaroszewicz is a key figure in the Polish cigar industry and one of the national pioneers on the premium cigars market. He has been working nearly 25 years as a importer, distributor, retailer, online sale, humidor producer, VIP direct sale & support in premium cigar industry.

«The best things of Condega Cigars are its unbeatable Quality/Price ratio, a fact that has made it develop from humble settings to a successful and world-known brand; and the excellent reports and the views expressed by the aficionados, who have become the best prescribers of their cigars», says Wojciech Jaroszewicz.

From now on, Condega Cigars will be available online via and face-to- face in cigar stores around Poland. There, you can enjoy them in cigar lounges, terraces and
some selected smoking places as top hotels, restaurants, clubs, cigar friendly venues, golf club houses, etc.

According to Jaroszewicz, since 2015, the New World cigars have flooded the Polish market and the tobacco shelves, and Nicaraguan cigars has become the preferred option for cigar smokers. Nicaragua has come to dominate the premium cigar industry offering quality, brand support, partnership, good prices, to name just a few of the factors involved in making the passionados choice.


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