Cigar Smoking World Championship launches News Portal

After establishing an International Judge Association, the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) launched a news portal for the slowest race on earth –

The CSWC International Judge Association recruited more than 60 personalities, influential cigar people from 36 countries. They passed a special training and education to become official and licensed CSWC cigar judges. This raises CSWC to a global organization, capable of satisfying growing demand and, at the same time, adopting to the ongoing pandemic.  

The news portal is the first cigar sports news site, where slow smokers, fans and all cigar lovers can track the excitement of the CSWC competition. For many cigar smokers the slow smoking competition is still something new and the news portal will bring the spirit of the Cigar Smoking World Championship to them.

“The CSWC news portal and the judge association are game changers, mapping our cigar competition among other respected global challenges. The attention we received by leading world media as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal proofs that the slow smoking competition is becoming more and more popular around the world”, says Marko Bilić, the CSWC founder.

Designed in a truly sporty layout, will be a very active portal. It will bring all the excitement, updated results from the qualification season, interviews with competitors and judges on a daily / weekly basis. It will also report views of insiders, predictions and comments, as well as behind the scene reports on competitors, a web shop for CSWC merchandise, statistics and much more. “It is the first true cigar sport site”, comments Markoi Bilić.

Global partners as Rocky Patel (official competition cigar), Cuervo y Sobrinos Swiss watches (official timekeeper), Boveda (official cigar humidification system), Cigar Journal (official media Partner), Les Fines Lames (official cutter) and others support  the CSWC.


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