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north sea calling land pf pleasure germany house evening

North Sea Calling: Cigar Lounges in Hamburg, Bremen & Schleswig-Holstein

North Sea Calling: Cigar Lounges in Hamburg, Bremen & Schleswig-Holstein

Land of Pleasure: Germany. Tolerant laws exist in the federal states of Hamburg, Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein. Here, smoking is allowed in establishments of up to 75m² as well as in closed side rooms. Wishing you a good smoke on this journey into the upper north!

chase edward eddie sahakian davidoff of london sitting portrait

Do Ring Gauges divide Generations?

On Friday after Christmas, Simon Chase found himself in St. James’s Street, where on the corner lies Davidoff of London. Usually he would have called in advance to see who was in, so imagine his delight when he found Edward Sahakian, the proprietor, and his son Eddie there to greet him. For the next hour and a half he enjoyed a discussion on the state of the cigar world, which he shall treasure for a long time.

Cigar Journal Blind Tasting Event 2016

Blind Tasting of the the 2013 Ediciónes Regionales

In the Edición Regional 2013 tasting we rated the following cigars: Ramon Allones Petit Allones, La Flor de Cano Gran Cano, La Flor de Cano Grandiosos, Bolivar Presidentes, Ramón Allones Specially Selected Robusto Corto, Ramon Allones Sidón, Por Larrañaga Secretos, Quai d’Orsay Royal, Bolivar Rodolfo, El Rey del Mundo Infantes, Rafael Golzalez Petit Piramides.

dunhill romeo julieta seleccion no 779 world record public auction november 2010

Why Spend $2,000 on a Cigar?

Why would anyone be prepared to spend this much money on a cigar, particularly when it is over 50 years old? Is there any way that such extravagance could be justified? The venue was the outdoor cigar terrace at Boisdale’s Restaurant in London’s Belgravia district. The event was the third auction of aged and vintage cigars organised by C.Gars Ltd.