Cigar Club Mareva: Grand Opening of Mareva Pristina Lounge

Cigar Club Mareva proudly announces the opening of its newest club and lounge, Mareva Pristina, situated in the heart of Pristina, Kosovo. This marks the fourth addition to the esteemed Mareva family, following the success of its flagship club in Split, Croatia, as well as branches in Tallinn, Estonia, and Beirut, Lebanon.

The grand opening of Mareva Pristina took place this September, amidst an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie. Distinguished guests, including renowned cigar passionado Rocky Patel, graced the occasion, with Marko Bilic, the founder of Club Mareva, extending his congratulations remotely. Last week, the festivities continued as Marko Bilic himself joined the celebration in person, commending Visar Rexhepi, the founder of Club Mareva Pristina, and Trim Gashi, the partner and manager of Mareva Pristina, for their dedication and vision.

The event saw the presence of esteemed personalities such as Jeremy Casdagli, the producer of Casdagli Club Mareva line of cigars, Ferit Raat, an honorable member of Club Mareva from Turkey, and Dimitry Mirchev, the Mareva ambassador for Kosovo and Albania. Guests were treated to an unforgettable evening filled with live music and the opportunity to savor the exclusive Club Mareva Especial cigar. Additionally, guests had the pleasure of indulging in the Rocky Patel LB1 cigar, emblematic of Rocky Patel’s membership to Club Mareva Pristina opening  and partnership with CSWC.

Marko Bilic expressed his gratitude to all attendees and pledged to enhance the cigar community experience in Kosovo and Pristina with a series of forthcoming activities and engagements.


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