Chateau Diadem Celebrates their 1st Anniversary at the InterTabac

Chateau Diadem an exciting newcomer in the cigar manufacturing industry, founded by Thierry Farah and Emily Sahakian, proudly announces the celebration of its first anniversary at the esteemed Intertabac Fair in Dortmund. In just one year, Chateau Diadem has achieved remarkable milestones, establishing official distributors in over 12 countries, and developing an extensive line of premium accessories, and distinguishing itself as a sole proprietor of their own factory in Santiago de los Caballeros, ensuring meticulous attention to detail for their boutique brand. 

Since its inception, Chateau Diadem has rapidly garnered attention and admiration in the cigar manufacturing industry. Despite being newcomers, the company’s dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering exceptional products have earned them a growing reputation among aficionados and distributors alike. Chateau Diadem exercises complete creative control and undivided attention to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship in every cigar. 

“Our competitive edge lies in our unwavering dedication to preserving the art of cigar making. Having our own workshop allows us to oversee every step of the production process, from carefully selecting the finest tobacco leaves to the precise rolling and aging of each cigar,” said Emily Sahakian, Co-Founder. “This hands-on approach ensures that every cigar that bears the Chateau Diadem name is a testament to our commitment to quality and perfection.” 

One of the significant achievements for Chateau Diadem has been the establishment of official distributors in 12 countries, including Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Germany, Mauritius, Andorra, Greece, France, South Africa, Lebanon, the Balkan region, and the Indian Subcontinent. These strategic partnerships have enabled Chateau Diadem to cater to a diverse global audience, ensuring cigar enthusiasts worldwide can savor the premium offerings of the brand. 

Complementing their cigars, Chateau Diadem has proudly developed an extensive line of premium accessories. From bespoke humidors that preserve cigars in optimal conditions to Xikar cigar cutters that guarantee precise and effortless cuts, and Zippo lighters that add an elegant touch to the cigar ritual, the accessory collection showcases the company’s attention to detail and commitment to enhancing every smoking experience. 

Furthermore, Chateau Diadem’s cigars have received commendable ratings for the Robusto, Toro, and Double Robusto sizes. The recognition from reviewers and critics reinforces the company’s dedication to crafting cigars of the highest quality, delivering rich flavors and a truly satisfying smoking experience. 

During the Intertabac Fair, Chateau Diadem is thrilled to introduce three new sizes to its cigar lineup – The Belicoso, the Petit Belicoso, and the Gordo. These additions offer exciting variations for cigar enthusiasts seeking diverse and delightful smoking experiences, further solidifying Chateau Diadem as a brand committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

“We are overjoyed to mark our first anniversary at the prestigious Intertabac Fair in Dortmund. This remarkable journey would not have been possible without the support of our friends in the industry and the trust placed in us by our valued partners and customers,” said Thierry Farah, Co-Founder. “As we celebrate this milestone, we eagerly anticipate showcasing our extended line of premium accessories and introducing the three new cigar sizes. We remain committed to delivering excellence and creating unforgettable moments for cigar enthusiasts worldwide.” 

Chateau Diadem will be at the InterTabac in Dortmund at booth #4.D21.


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