Chateau Diadem Announces Arrival in the US Market

Chateau Diadem, the premium cigar brand cofounded by Emily Sahakian and Thierry Farah, is excited to announce its official entry into the US market.

Having established a strong presence in over 20 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Brazil since its launch two years ago, Chateau Diadem is poised to captivate American cigar enthusiasts with its high-quality, hand-rolled cigars.

This new chapter in Chateau Diadem’s distribution will be spearheaded by City of Palms Distribution Services, a startup company based in Fort Myers, Florida. Managed by industry veterans Kevin and Anne Dinkins, City of Palms specializes in providing comprehensive logistical support to premium boutique hand-rolled cigar companies, ensuring a seamless and efficient distribution process.

“We are thrilled to bring Chateau Diadem to the discerning cigar aficionados of the United States,” said Emily Sahakian, co-founder of Chateau Diadem. “Our journey has been one of passion and dedication, and we are confident that our partnership with City of Palms will help us deliver an exceptional smoking experience to our new audience.”

One of the standout features of Chateau Diadem cigars is their unique, colorful packaging and numerous 90+ ratings they’ve received from Cigar Journal magazine. The packaging is designed to be visually striking and modern, while their blend, Conviction positions itself as appealing to both seasoned cigar lovers and new enthusiasts. “We wanted our packaging to reflect the vibrant and sophisticated nature of our brand,” explained Emily. “Our aim is to create an unforgettable experience from the moment our customers see the box to their final draw of the cigar.”

Thierry Farah, co-founder of Chateau Diadem, added, “The US market represents a significant milestone for us. After over a year of discussions and preparations, we are ready to introduce our brand to one of the most dynamic and sophisticated cigar markets in the world. We believe that our collaboration with City of Palms will not only enhance our distribution capabilities but also solidify our brand’s presence in the US.”

City of Palms Distribution Services, already renowned for distributing esteemed brands such as ADV & McKay/ADVentura Cigars, Drunk Chicken Cigars, and Eighty5 Cigars, will provide Chateau Diadem with a robust support system. Their services encompass importing, bonded warehousing, inventory control, invoicing, shipping, payment processing, commission processing, monthly reporting, and other essential back-office functions.

Kevin Dinkins of City of Palms expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are excited to welcome Chateau Diadem to our portfolio. Their commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our mission to support premium cigar brands in reaching their full potential in the US market. We look forward to a successful partnership and to bringing their exceptional cigars to American consumers.”

Chateau Diadem’s arrival in the US market marks a new era for the brand, promising to delight cigar enthusiasts with its rich flavors, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to quality.


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