Casa 1910 Announces Launch of New Products and the Mexigars Brand

Casa 1910 announced the launch of several new products that will enrich its lineup.

New Cigars in the Revolutionary Line:
“Tierra Blanca – Format” and “El Ebano – Cigar” Casa 1910 introduces two additions to its revolutionary lineup: the “Tierra Blanca” Cigar in Robusto 5×50 format and the “El Ebano” Cigar available in Toro Extra 6×54 and Robusto 5×50 formats.

A new proposal with a Mexican Seal Casa 1910 presents its new brand, “Mexigars”, which aims to offer an unbeatable quality-price ratio with carefully selected Mexican tobaccos. Mexigars launches two new cigars in Toro 6×52 format: the MX-1 and the MX-2. These cigars encapsulate the essence of Mexico, using diverse seeds, tobaccos, and fermentations to create unique flavor profiles. The presentation of these cigars will be in bundle-pack of 25 pieces. And the selected tobacco shops will be able to have the “Mexigars” humidor, where they will be able to show these productions. They will be changing from time to time, with different tobacco, aroma and flavor profiles. Showing different aspects of the unique Mexico.

Availability and Celebration These new products will be available at select tobacconists and authorized distributors startin Jun-Jul 24’. Casa 1910 celebrates this exciting launch and looks forward to tobacco enthusiasts enjoying the quality and innovation that distinguishes the brand.


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