Boveda Set to Release 25th Anniversary Humidor/Ashtray Combo

While Boveda celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022, it’s 25th anniversary humidor and ashtray combination set is nearing completion and release.

A true labor of love for Boveda’s ownership team of Tim Swail and Sean Knudsen, the 25th anniversary humidor/ashtray has been years in the making, interrupted by Covid and creative tweaks that have held the project back a few years. You only get to celebrate your 25th anniversary once so what’s a small delay of a few years to guarantee perfection anyway, right?

And this one is a real beauty. Made by Elie Bleu, the humidor holds at least 250 cigars and is a masterpiece work of art with gorgeous veneer and marquetry design that depicts the company’s history on the top, including medallions of the outline of Boveda’s home state of Minnesota, different logos the company used over the years, depictions of the product categories the company services, including tobacco, cannabis and music instruments. The humidor will hold two of Boveda’s largest humidor packs to provide perfect humidification. Just as stunning is the ash tray that accompanies the humidor, sharing many of the same elements that are depicted on the humidor top.

Just 25 of these humidor/ashtray combinations have been commissioned and the price isn’t cheap. Start searching your sofas for loose change or maybe put a second mortgage on your house because this ultra-rare and mega-beautiful set is going to cost $25,000. And it looks like it will be worth every penny.

Steve Ross is a writer, editor, photographer and communications specialist who has enjoyed a career in the premium cigar industry for more than 23 years. Steve enjoyed his first handmade cigar when he was a freshman at Purdue University, and he entered the premium cigar industry shortly after obtaining his Masters Degree in History from North Carolina State University in 2001. Since then, Steve has traveled extensively in Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Europe, telling countless stories about cigars, the people who make them and the men and women who enjoy them. A lifelong fan of motorsport, Steve is most passionate about IndyCar racing and the Indianapolis 500, which he has attended every year since 1987.


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