An Opportunity in Europe

Drew Estate has presented in Madrid Liga Privada 10 Selección de Mercado, the new blend that is designed exclusively for international markets and will not, therefore, be marketed in the United States. The presentation was held with Joya de Nicaragua, the company that maintains a close and long-standing relationship in the United States and with whom they intend to grow and establish even further in the European markets. 

In addtition of their long-time collaboration, starting this year 2024, Joya de Nicaragua has established their own infrastructure in Spain, from which they are going to centralize all the operations in Europe, including the brands of Drew Estate, by the hand of the Spanish distribution company, Comet.

The event took place in the beautiful patio of the Quinta de los Cedros hotel in Madrid, with a large attendance of the most important store owners in the city and the presence of Juan Ignacio Martínez, president of Joya de Nicaragua, and Glen Wolfson , CEO of Drew Estate, accompanied by part of his management board: Edward Wong, head of international division; Christopher Turco, international sales director and Rick Ortiz, new product manager.

In the presentation, Juan Ignacio Martínez assured that Joya de Nicaragua has always believe in Spain as their second home, since his father, Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, began to develop the brand in 1995, “visiting door by door to introduce Joya de Nicaragua in a market as important for us as the Spanish one. Now we feel that we have a great opportunity in Europe thruogh this country and we are going to do it with our partners and colleagues, almost family, of Drew Estate.” 

For his part, Glen Wolfson, who had the courtesy of making his speech in Spanish, praised the importance of Spain within the premium cigar industry, not only because of the volume, but because it is a prestigious market. 

Javier Blanco Urgoiti is a Spanish journalist who is crazy about the processes surrounding tobacco that take place before its manufacturing in the cigar factory – in particular the secrets of tobacco cultivation. This is an area in which he tirelessly tries to educate himself. Javier started smoking and writing about cigars in 1998, initially for the Spanish magazines La boutique del fumador and La cava de cigarros, and later, as chief press officer at La Aurora, the oldest tobacco factory in the Dominican Republic. Now he writes for Cigar Journal as a correspondent in Spain.


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