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Alejandro Turrent

Turrent Relocating Casa Turrent Production

For Alejandro Turrent, focus is key. The man behind the Casa Turrent line of cigars has been working hard since the line’s introduction three years ago. The Turrent family is widely known for the quality of its San Andrés leaves. It has also been a huge maker of cigars and was primarily known for its Te Amo Mexican puro. The large factory that makes the Te Amo was also making the family’s flagship Casa Turrent line until just a few months ago.

One of the things that concerned Turrent was the consistency of his cigars. Keeping his focus, Turrent decided the large factory was not the best place to make the more complex Casa series. In June, Turrent took his great-grandfather’s house and renovated it to make is a boutique factory with 15 people to produce the Casa Turrent series.

Edgar Hoill, known for his OSOK line of cigars, has been helping Alejandro run the factory to maintain the high quality, while the factory also makes his new OSOK cigar. Hoill will also be the sales manager for the company.

This year, Casa Turrent released its latest blend, the 1880, to commemorate the year that Turrent’s great-grandfather started growing tobacco. The cigar features tobacco that is between 8 and 10 years old and has a deep, rich flavor. Two more blends are on the near horizon, a Casa Turrent San Andrés puro and a Casa Turrent Nicaragua.

Frank Seltzer

A 2-time Emmy award winner, Frank Seltzer is a former Correspondent for CNN, Voice of America and a producer for ABC News. He has been regularly covering the cigar industry for over 15 years.